La Maison de l'Alpaga is above all the story of a journey...


After graduating from the Business School from Lyon in 1994, Gregory Acke, the company's founder, initially embarked on a career as a transport salesman. Love to travel for as long as he can remember, he decides to leave his post in 1998 to go on an adventure and discover South America at the age of 25. Alone, he decided to leave for 5 months to discover new cultures and new horizons. On his journey, he was won over by the craftsmanship, local know-how and kindness of the Peruvians. He discovered alpaca wool. Convinced that he could create something with this little known fibre, he decided to bringing in samples on his return to France.


After introducing this wool to those around him, he decided in 1999 to set up his first business "Splendours of the World" which will feature handcrafted products from around the world as well as alpaca wool clothing. It exhibited at various markets, fairs, shows ... for 1 year but this experience did not live up to his expectations. He then decided to return to his trade initial commercial job for a few years while he fine-tunes his project.


Persistent, he decided in 2004 to create a new brand "Alpaca Line" dedicated to alpaca wool clothing and accessories. He later opened a boutique in Roanne and set out from 2005 in the most beautiful Christmas markets in France (Alsace, Reims, Besançon...).


In 2006, he renamed his brand "Alpaca Company". There was a long way to go before we found trustworthy creative craftsmen,now, after many years, it works with several families of creative artisans in Lima with whom he has a relationship based on mutual trust.

In Peru,the know-how is passed down from generation to generation, families live under the same roof and share set culture and know-how ancestral. Young people in their twenties usually work as salesmen in the family shops while the adults knit or weave and look after the younger children. Gregory's choice was creative artisans who work with wool only by hand or by handloom in order to guarantee the quality of the products.


In 2018, the brand was eventually renamed "The Alpaca House". You're probably wondering why The Alpaca House? Simply because after several years of exhibiting at Christmas markets, some customers kept coming back year after year asking "do you know where we can find the house that sells alpaca clothing? "Can you point me to the alpaca cottage? " ... and that's how La Maison de l'Alpaga was born.

Today the company employs more than 15 people in Peruthat's about 5 families. Gregory has been going for 15 years now, 2 times a year in Peru to maintain his relationship with local artisans but also to make orders at the beginning of the season, create new designs, discover new samples, review sales and prepare for shipment to France by plane.

For over 15 years, the missions remained the same as they are the very DNA of the brand: offering unique products with a high quality wool, guarantee fair trade with fair remuneration for artisans and finally guaranteeing the respect for alpacas.


With the experience and values that the brand and its founder stand for, the goal is to grow and to bringing awareness through our new e-commerce site and thus still be able to guarantee work for artisans locals without whom La Maison de l'Alpaga would not exist.

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