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La Maison de l'Alpaga (LMA) offers a wide range of warm, high-quality socks that are comfortable for both men and women. All models are unisex. For better quality 

Very warm alpaca socks are of the highest quality. Each sock is handmade and checked for perfect finish. Alpaca fibers are four times more resistant than wool, do not pilling and wear slowly. This makes it an ideal fiber for rigorously tested textiles such as socks. It will keep your alpaca socks in perfect condition for many years. 

Extra warm socks for extra warmth 

Alpaca wool is renowned for its insulation and thermoregulation. The wool enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes. Delicate and elegant, La Maison de l'Alpaga socks keep your feet warm and sweat-free at the right temperature at all times. That's how you stay dry.  These socks are ideal for everyday wear, but can also be used by skiers and hikers. In fact, thanks to their thinness, they fit perfectly inside your normal thick socks. 

Extra warm socks for greater comfort 

These extra-warm socks are specially designed to offer unique comfort and softness. Unlike other wools, alpaca wool is extremely soft and scratch-resistant. It's very comfortable to wear next to the body, and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Alpaca is available in over 20 officially listed color variations, so artificial dyes are rarely used. What's more, alpaca wool contains no lanolin, an allergen that can cause reactions in even the most sensitive skin.  Our alpaca socks are soft, sophisticated and elegant. Alpaca keeps your feet warm while adding sophisticated elegance. Available in a wide range of colors and lengths, it's perfect for any outfit or shoe.

To avoid odors 

Our extra-warm alpaca socks also allow your feet to breathe, considerably reducing perspiration and odors.  Indeed, thermoregulation is one of the hallmarks of alpaca wool. Above all, moisture from perspiration is eliminated. Thanks to the thermoregulating properties of our material, your feet breathe better and sweat less. La Maison de l'Alpaga (LMA) socks are ideal for wicking moisture away from the skin. 

For optimum comfort 

The comfort of warm socks is our top priority. For best results, alpaca socks have few or no seams, ensuring optimum comfort for your foot. In fact, seams are the leading cause of foot pain and blisters. Reducing the number of seams reduces these problems. 

And you'll feel it directly over time. You'll never want to do without them! 

Comfortable for years with warm socks

Thanks to the excellent wear resistance of alpaca fibers (4 times that of wool), our alpaca socks are extremely hard-wearing and durable. You can store them for years and easily wash them in the wool program or with the rest of your clothes at 30 degrees. What's more, alpaca wool, unlike cashmere and wool, rarely becomes fluffy in the wash. So your socks will look like new for years to come. 

Find out more about our range of very warm alpaca socks.

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