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100% baby alpaca choker



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100% Baby Alpaca Wool

If you are looking for a soft and natural wool that you can wear without risk of allergies, our 100% Baby Alpaca wool is for you

Alpacas are South American camelids that live in extreme environments in the high Andes, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. They have been bred for thousands of years for their quality fleece with excellent properties. In pre-Inca cultures, alpaca wool was reserved for kings and was called "the fiber of the gods".

This choker is made of 100% baby alpaca wool, which is the highest quality of alpaca wool. These are fibers from the first shearing of the alpaca, or a selection of the finest fibers from the softest parts of the body, like the neck.

When alpaca is soft, baby alpaca is extravagantly soft. Seven times warmer than wool and lighter, this wool is soft, silky and has a beautiful drape. The fine air bubbles in the fibers regulate body temperature, so it can be worn year-round.

It is lanolin-free, so it is hypoallergenic and can be worn even by the most sensitive skin.

The 100% baby alpaca wool we use for this choker is unique and very rare because it comes from the Andes in Peru, it is natural and ecological. This model of choker was designed by a family in Peru that perpetuates the ancestral tradition of mastering the wool

- 100% baby Alpaca
- Length: 45 cm and Height: 30 cm
- Made in Peru


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100% Baby Alpaca
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