Heating up this winter with energy savings

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The autumn season is not yet making us feel the great cold but it would not be long...

With the current economic climate and new government directives, winter may be long and cold. Increase in gas, electricity, consumption limits… We will have to find a solution to fight the cold while saving energy this winter.

So what are the solutions to fight the cold by saving energy? 

The Alpaca House has the solution you need. If we were to tell you that it is possible to fight the cold, while heating up this winter and doing in addition to that energy savings but also by consuming better.  The solution for this winter? use the hottest wool in the world. Considered the lightest and warmest wool in the world, alpaca wool is our best ally against the cold. Alpaca wool stands out from other wools for its insulating power which is 7 times greater than sheep wool and thanks to its unparalleled softness close to that of cashmere. This wool protects you from the cold gently without making you sweat thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. It is incredibly light, comfortable to wear and respects the most sensitive skin. These are the reasons why NASA equipped astronauts with this wool garment at the beginning of the space conquest.

Heating up this winter with energy savings

Alpaca wool is very resistant and does not rock. This way, you can extend the life of your clothes and accessories and keep them in good condition longer.

It is often believed (by mistake) that the thicker the wool, the warmer it will keep. Well, it’s the worst thing that it is, on the contrary, a thinner wool will let less air through than a sweater with big stitches that lets air and water through. 

So you’re probably going to say, that’s all well and good, but our problem is not solved. Well, somehow it is.

With our socks, ponchos, jackets, sweaters and vests, wearing alpaca wool will allow you to both keep your body at the right temperature, feel pampered in soft wool and save energy. With heating set at 19°C and good alpaca socks you will feel the colder.

Another good news that will save you money again this winter, alpaca wool being very resistant and known to keep for years, you will buy a sustainable product that you can wear every winter season that follows.  

Heating up this winter with energy savings

So don’t wait any longer, take advantage of La Maison de l'Alpaga products to fight against the cold and enjoy your cocoon gently and warmly this winter.

We offer you the best quality of wool possible for a softness you have never felt before. 

There is nothing better than an alpaca wool product that saves you money while maintaining your comfort. Don’t wait any longer to find an item that will keep you warm all winter long. To view the entire collection, visit our online store: www.lamaisondelalpaga.com 


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